This is how to use leverage effect for your business on the internet.

For example, you have a $100 product for sale with a 1% conversion rate on your sales letter.

That means you make $100 for every 100 visitors who come to your website.

(100 visitors x 1% conversion = 1 sale at $100).


Let’s say it costs you $90 to get 100 visitors to your website resulting in one sale.

(I’ll assume you’re selling an e-book or something wih no physical delivery costs.)

That means you spent $90 on traffic.

You made $100 in sales. Your gross profit is $10.


Now, let’s start testing.

You test your headline and increase your conversion from 1% to 1.2%.

That measly little .2%

On the contrary, for every 100 visitors that come to your website, you’re now making $120, but you’re still just spending the same $90 (your cost didn’t go up).


You just tripled your profitability!


Instead of making $10 profit, you’re now making $30 profit.

Same traffic.

Same advertising expense.


With this simple headline test, you tripled your profitability.


What if you tested a few of the bullets and raised conversion by just 0.1%?

What if you tested the offer itself and raised conversion by 0.15%?

What if you tested a simple picture at the top of the page and raised conversion by 0.25%?

Now you’re converting at a rate of 1.7%.


Nothing else has changed in your costs, but you’ve increased profits by 700% ($70 profit vs. $10 profit)!

Hey, you’re making $170 for every hundred visitors instead of that stinky $100 you were so happy with before you started testing.

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