Today, I’m going to share with you a straightforward yet effective sales method.

It is incredibly easy to use and something you can do.



The One Option

Today, I’m going to share with you a straightforward yet effective sales method.

It is incredibly easy to use and something you can do.

Gimmicks have nothing to do with it.

Your sales script has nothing to do with it.

It is connected to your offer.

What are some easy adjustments you may make to your offer to persuade people to purchase more from you?

And it goes by the name of “the three boxes.” I want you to consider this right now.

You only have one option when selling your goods or services.

You only have one choice. when a person observes you.

All they could think—and all consumers can think—is whether they want to buy this or not.

So the answer is either yes or no.


They are now considering if they can actually afford it.

Do I have the necessary funds?

Now, they are concentrating on price.

I want you to consider what would happen if you gave them a choice between, say, an A and a B.


The Tow Boxes

Do you recall watching movies in theaters years ago?

You have two options, they say.

They first have the big pop, and then the little pop.

When given an option between two soda sizes, the majority of consumers choose the small one (80%), while only 20% choose the large.


Because most people prefer to be safe and choose the options that will allow them to save money, A and B are the most common choices.


The consumer, your customer, is now less focused on, “Okay, do I want to buy this or do I not want to buy it?” when you give them options A and B.

Which one do I want to, they are contemplating.

But later on, in the theater, a third option—this—is introduced, correct?

Here is how the technique functions with those three boxes.


The Three Options

They suddenly get their small bottle of soda.

Because enormous feels like, gosh, it’s too much, they caught the we, which used to be the old large.

Oh, it makes sense, we agree. The name was recently modified.

It was once rather enormous.

Right after that, they have a jumbo-sized pop that is so large that even with our help, you can never, ever finish it.

You therefore have three options, and here is how they all function. They provide you with the modest and something in the center.

You receive something that is roughly gigantic size.

As a result, when you do this, a pricing contrast appears.

As a result, when you make an offer for your goods and services, you want to make the greatest, most absurd offer possible because you know that the majority of people won’t accept it.

You want to make your meager offer after that, you wimp, right?

You want to make it seem normal and you don’t really like it, but you also want to make the middle one incredibly intriguing since you really want people to buy it.

You want to get the one like that. As a result, they introduced this in the movie theater.



What People Choose

20% of people truly love soda.They aim for the big 20%.

Additionally, 20% choose the tiny, followed by 60% who choose the middle.

Later, they genuinely introduce the size of the kit in its kind.

You have two options when you make an offer. It’s great.

The best options are three.

Now, I think it’s a little bit excessive to give them four options.

It’s a touch too muddled. The center one, however, is the one you want to sell when you give them this.

You do your best to make this compelling.

I’ll give you one more illustration.

I want you to reflect. You are bringing your vehicle to be washed.

They employ this. For a price of, say, $15, they would like to shampoo the exterior of your car where you have. I’m done now. Similar to a basic shampoo.

I’m done now. Or if you want a shampoo and they add a new, you know, chemical, whatever, outside your car. Right. Add some fresh luster. Additionally, for $25, they will vacuum your interior.

So, you consider 15, right.

However, for ten dollars more, I can also, you know, you know, that the inside of my automobile is a little bit dusty. Okay.

I will accept that. Then there is the extreme detailed wax, which costs about $200.

You say, “Oh, I’m not going to go for that $200.”

That is simply too absurd. But I’m not going to be a scumbag.



The Three Offers

I’m gonna go for one in the middle.

That’s the one they want to sell you.

So you can easily do this for your business.

So I want you to create three boxes.

The small one.

Very, very small, very wimpy. You can even think about silver, gold, platinum.

You’ve heard of those terms before. Silver, gold, platinum.

For some kind of membership, they do that too.

And because I know most people won’t choose this, I want you to make the big one as pricey and opulent as you possibly can.

But the really intriguing part is this :

They will desire the greatest at any given time, right?

They could make up five, ten, or even twenty percent of your market.

They demand the biggest and best item you possess.

That’s good.

Huge profit margin.

But knowing you’re not counting this to sell, right?

The first boxe you’re like, this is really for the the cheap customer.

You want the majority ( 60%, 80% ) to the second boxe, so what you can do is, let’s say the list of features and benefits. Let’s say this offer, you have 10 things.

You may give it two things, but in this case, you give it 7 things.

When a customer purchases this and you offer them the middle option, this gains the highest value.

Core contrast pricing is this.

It is a ruse.

You don’t plan to sell this.

It is merely decoration.

You’re all set.

That is the plan.

Three boxes.




It’s very easy.

Selling, you know, is all about options.

Giving your customers options is a key component of marketing.

Allow them to feel as though their decision to buy and make that purchase was their own—not too many, not too few, but the proper number.

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