Closing is the art of listening : it’s like a baby who is listening before he speaks.



Pay Attention

In English, you say to “PAY ATTENTION” like it costs something.

Rhetoric is related to closing, and closing is related to copywriting because everything you speak, you can write, and you have also advertising ( sale copy for copywriter ) VSL ( video sales letters for closer ).

Remember that STORYTELLING is compelling to differentiate yourself on copywriting or closing.

People buy stories, then your experience, then your person.

I realized that people who got results are just doing closing; they do not have other skills.

They know the fundamental rules around business but not much else because they are natural entrepreneurs and focused primarily on sales.

They delegate people to do jobs they can’t do; they hire people and build a business.

The key is to have a general background and then to specialize in one area.

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Emphatic And Active Listening

To be a good CLOSER you absolutely have to listen actively to the needs of your prospects and if possible have a genuine interest in them and also have an emphatic listening.

Invest in things you love to help you to be emphatic.

Invest and target  things you know and businesses you like, create a need if needed and find the solution.

The goal is to have contact with people in real or by phone to train yourself how to listen, hear what people are saying and how to speak.

You have to listen enough that their point of view is more important to you than yours, you recognize them, and you are genuinely interested in what they are doing.

To be a good BUILDER, you need to build relationship with people.

You need to be a good FINDER, CLOSE your sales, and then to BUILD relationship with clients.

To be a good FINDER you always need to ask if people need help, you need to make it all about them not you, it means you have to change your perspective.

Forget about you totally.

Then you need to define what you want and be very specific. Meaning targeting, demographic, gender, interest, behavior…

You should do things for people without expecting something in return.

But if you need something in return you should ask what you want first and then give value to them.

By asking what you want first will build trust, and if you give enough value you will be able to make deal and achieve a win-win situation.

You will move into on of the most powerful and trusted client acquisition which is : REFERRALS.

You have a responsibility to guide them to the right decision, and you need to see your relationship as a permanent one, not a static one. You must see that you have had a relationship with this person for a long time.

Therefore, even if you currently have nothing else to sell, this person is essential to you.

You should always try to use a symbolic frame of reference before explaining anything to your clients.

Instead of making your conclusion, ALWAYS let them draw the decisions for themselves.

You never want to conclude. You want them to take an engaging action.

Your commitment to them will never be as strong as their commitment to themselves.





You need to understand the concept of commitment with high degree of intensity and awareness.

Like all other things or concept you can learn from life, sometimes we think we know but in what state of awareness ?

How you are conscious of what you learn ?

Repetition is the mother of study, increase your intensity or degree of awareness in one subject or concept to have an high degree of understanding.

The principle of commitment declares that humans have a deep need to be seen as consistent.

Once we’ve publicly committed to something or someone, we’re much more likely to go through and deliver on that commitment.

That’s a human characteristic from the beginning of humanity, there is nothing you can do or change about it.



Let People Close Themselves

You want to let people close themselves.


It’s like Ji-Jitsu,

you take the force of your opponent to win with kindness.


People need solutions, not strategies.

The “show me” is more potent than “tell me”.

If the strategy is correct, you can fail; it will still work.

Most people don’t want to see things as a process; they prefer to see things as a project with a beginning and an end. It’s easier for them to understand it.

Don’t wait for the money to start to contribute, guide, advise and protect your clients.

You have the opportunity and the right to show your clients and your team how they can have control, free them and give them their freedom.

Because the more you give people control, the more they appreciate the liberator (you).

It all starts from within, and you need to understand this natural and universal law, which is : you get what you give.

If you are interested in people, people will be interested in you.

If you help people, people will help you. If you are honest, people will be real with you.

It seems simple, but most of us forget about it.

So if you want to sell, you do not need to think about money, you need to think about what you can give to people.

You need to know how to take the positive from any situation.

You receive the energy you give; it’s simple to understand life is a mirror.

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